Bottle Tee

By using the Bottle Tee, you will develop a powerful new driver swing that approaches the ball from the “inside out” and on the upswing, producing the longest, most piercing drives you’ve ever hit.

Hitting the ball from the inside and on the upswing does three things:

1. Reduces spin
2. Increases energy transfer (and therefore, ball speed)
3. Produces lower-lofted, draw-biased shots (which roll out after they land)

    "This new Bottle Tee is easy and it gets results!  It gives you a new picture about how to make a swing, so your instincts take over rather than thinking about positions. And as you get better hitting it off this, you're going to feel a whole different swing. The bottled tee gives you a new picture, it gives you a new feel, and it's going to change your swing."
    Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year

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